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usual hospital returns, in the preparation of which they should be
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marked tremor in the right hand at every attempt to write that the letters
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The most striking symptom in a fully developed case of hemophilia is the
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definite neurons and parts of nerves, while they leave all other neurons
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Appointments. — Besident Medical Officers, Cliniocd Clerks, cmd
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words in itahcs are simply void and without force, if, as is actually the case, any person practicing
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and forms of paralysis in the extremities are often found in combination with
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undergo the two examinations, but will be exempt from writing on
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Glycogen is not derived exclusively from the carbohydrates, but may also come
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that extensive subacute and chronic diseases may occur in the anterior horns
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iull fee for the course they will have the privilege of attending any of
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tage (sixty per cent or more) of nervous affections to be found in the an-
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lobe. It is extremely interesting physiologically that the central terminal
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come from being bitten. The " neuroparalytic ophthalmia," not infrequently
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on the Quadrangles. The work of the third and fourth years may be done either in the
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Manufactories, Cemeteries — Nuisances ; (3) Sanitary Law and Yital
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Clinical Medicine and Surgery, in the wards of an hospital. The
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word, we find a second large group of cases which come on secondarily in
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significance, since the most intimate points of connection are to be found be-
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ataxia repeatedly observed after various acute infectious diseases, especially
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ment of jBIO 4s. for the Faculty, and 15b. for the University Library, may be
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but it is to be distinguished from the hereditary spastic paralysis above
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of the exhilaration the patient is unduly irritable, and, if opposed, may grow
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practical importance. In this affection, according to many investigators
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spinal muscles, not mentioned here, is difficult to determine positively. If
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W., S., 9:00-10:00. 24 hours. .4Mj. Hektoen and Davidsohn.
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given by preference in advance of the clinical and laboratory course (6), in which latter
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•'Course. Medical tutor^s fee : Anatomical and Physiological students are
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tions, such as tenotomy, that are sometimes performed.
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reflex is apt to portend permanent paralysis with contractures. — K.] It
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20Qfr. yearly. The Faculty may authorise inscriptions for single
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Pathological Society of London — Obstetrical Society of London — Clinical
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the intelligence remains to the end entirely unclouded.
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brush, and also by local cold douches and massage. Under some circumstances
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annually at the close of the winter sesBion for general pioficienqy.