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ing and tenderness become less frequent, and finally disappear altogether.

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affin tissue remains to prevent the specific symptoms. On the other hand,

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delirium or to the stupor and coma of typhoid or of sepsis may be striking.

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Christopher Robert Pemberton, M.D. F.R.S. Physician Ex

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(The divergent views of some authors, especially Vincent* and Jolly, D.

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capsule can usually be felt best on the inner aspect of the joint. K there is

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into the different London and provincial hospitals,

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and Juergens make it probable that osteomalacia can occur in childhood,

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it is important in certain cases to determine the degree of the acidity, which

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as the microscopic, chemical, and bacteriological findings, should be

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* "On a Form of Chronic Inflammation of Bones (Osteitis Defonnans)," Trans^

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as the term occurs in the other classifications, has much the same significance.

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may be expected when operative treatment is carried out early. The disease

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later becomes multiple (Miyake). In Miyake's series, one muscle only

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disease, more particularly of the lungs. If the patient is under weight,

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grayish lines are seen radiating from the points of the papillae through the

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