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First Michigan Light Artillery, known as Looniis's Battery.

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only in exceptional cases that recovery takes place.

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tent ourselves with cutting the latter so as to form kinds

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remedies the most important are the salicylates. The persistent use of small

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state, the mind may work along accustomed lines of thought and

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afterward forwarded, as is the generous custom of the society,

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upright position be substituted for a horizontal one, there is great liability

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the secretary of the society then made a selection, consisting of

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the event of national need his services are still available to the Gov-

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he acted as house physician to the Post-Graduate Hospital. Dr. Carr

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Hospital, New York City, and also was an instructor in the out-

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Changes of Shape in Bullets that have struck Bones. — i. Soft

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cavalry charge at the battle of the Wildertiess, where Rosser

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into the vagina, and placed beneath the reposited organ.

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was appointed to the chair of the Theory and Practice of Physic

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time it had usually refilled, so as to be very cumbersome. His

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lican, and served until the end of the term, July, 1902. He did

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due course entered the profession of medicine by graduating at the

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uterus to an innocuous condition much incredulity was

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track, and that, moreover, his intervention would be blam-

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with large, difficult stools,, acid eructations after supper, night

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members of the society only. The book also contains the con-

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side of the bone. The most usual osseous lesions are

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For removing metallic foreign bodies we would advise the

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indication to the measure would seem to be gastric ulcers ; but

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me to think my prediction is likely to be fairly well borne out in

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A Pathological Pun. — A bon mot credited to the late Thomas Gold Apple-