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in cardiac tone the oedema disappears, the urine increases in quantity, the
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nephritis that might possibly be the forerunner of the chronic form. Attacks
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the forearm. It rarely reaches above the elbow or knee, but the jpam may
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color was less intense and the pain ceased. When the foot was elevated the
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Thb atrophy, however, affects the muscles of the proximal segments and is
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their walls, and jiartly to the fad that the eaiiillaiies are held eo
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atrophic forms usually come on earlier than the hypertrophic, which is more
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which may be slight, but it is there. Thus, the finger-joints show slight
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The extent of spinal involvement is very variable; in the lower spine the
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growth occurs on the ordinary media. Another point to be remembered
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lourse witliout the assistance of other cn/.Mues, hut in tlic natural proc-
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are more marked because of congestion of the vessels in the walls of the
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afi' iili\ ii'iislv Milijri't til riiii>iilrralilf rriiir, it lias liciii ici'Uiiiii'il that tlir
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an ingrowth of capillaries from the perimysium internum. Finally, a
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the accMiiipanyiut; cut. The nicasuiin^ lunette i / 1 holds i2| c.e. Tic Ipiili.
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duce acute nephritis, may, if operating for a longer period or less severely,
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Nests or clumps of the bacilli are often found embedded in the masses of pus,
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what tl;ittened between the jiidse beats; th;it is. it occurs at an outsiih
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Ni-wl.iiru', MiiiiiH, Jinil I'orlir, \V. T. : .'our. V.\h-t. MimI., liilrt, xxiv, ".
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majority of cases little is to be maae out on inspection. There may be some
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effect 5 in others, the size of the tumors resisted
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