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notions are held by those of the " regulars " who claim to be

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chick embryo tissue ; the serum should be submitted for a routine

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and face and in the region of the supraclavicular fossae.

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report of the Bureau of Microscopy and Histology. It had been

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and around the os The bleeding was lessened by the plugging,

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childhood; typhoid at twenty- three ; numerous attacks of ton-

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and more effective doses have been given, the patient who is

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A calculus was removed from the bladder of a boy sixteen years old by Dr.

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epidemic so that appropriate preventive measures can be insti-

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than in the postmortem room. On the question of the frequency

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witness the spoiling of this drug, providing that it is spoiled when

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A prominent clergyman, who has had a large experience in

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TB MED 135, Functions and Scope of Medical Department

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2 This is the medium given in par. 271c(l) with added dextrose 0.1 percent and dipotassium

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terms to alcoholism, or chronic alcoholism, or resulting from accidents. — IV. Y.

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urines the yellow color of the disk remains unchanged.

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writings are to be found in his earlier publications, especially the

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aggravate ragweed hay-fever, but not hay-fever from grasses;

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oles of the Schneiderian mucous membrane are atheromatous,

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c. Inoculate selenite enrichment broth as well as differential

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again into the asylum. For that reason," he continued, " I never

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fungi that are associated with disease in man. Methods for the

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only 4 cases of undoubted syphihs of the lungs among 1200

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(4) Add 0.2 ml of inactivated patient's serum to each tube

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material red, leaving the other parts bluish. The reaction is best marked

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chronic constipation. The general or constitutional action ot

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point must be used. The mineral wax (Cerasin) can be used.

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loses its power of forming spores. It is important to note that, in the instances

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necessary to make a bacteriological investigation, and use the antistreptococcus

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Malarial pigment. Brownish to blackish granules deposited in the

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coagulated. The genus can be divided as follows: The animal

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showed a poHo-encephalitic process especially conspicuous in the

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primitive protoplasmic properties. Evolution may teach how a property

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for a little money each, and no work. This state of things, of

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