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uterus I placed her in the erect posture. The measurement of the cervix

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found on their apparel or property which were supposed to be blood.

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especially by foreign writers has undoubtedly the advantage of

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could be discovered patient was unconscious pulse she died the

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cerned. England of course and along with. Prance and

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of the carpus or tarsus. The patients generally show symp

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using palliative measures to a permanent cure by the

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before signing a death certificate when the pronounce

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under the use of grains of iodide of potassium a day.

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the nostrils wide the eye bright and dark full and vigorous

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pain Was first of all more or less localised in the right iliac

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Fumigation of the mouth cavity and nasal passages is frequently

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introduced into the stomach in sufficient quantity exert its intoxicating effects.

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which had been seen in Mrs. Maybrick s possession under somewhat

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resorted to but death took place apparently from the

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cope. The only alteration which is found in the cadaver consists in the

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millimeters at the former has fallen to an average of millimeters

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removed for interment sulphur was burned freely throughout the

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plicants from civil practice and from that time we began to

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neither by myself nor by a medical friend was an absolute diagnosis of

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The paper was illustrated with a drawing copied from Smellie.

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each inspiration draws the obnoxious substance towards a narrower

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which is capable of spinning the finest gossamers is the

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intestines if these stitches hold and if they cut out or are

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Case LXXX. Hydatid Cyst of he Liver diagnosed by means of the

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lowed a course of chlorate of potassa in J oz. doses daily.

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ramifications when pneumonia was not present but never could succeed in

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abdominal cases. Vaccines are needed both for the streptothrix

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invited to record observations. But there are other phenomena

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cathartics. Sulphate of magnesia with croton if there be no

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went back to the trial set. I prefer a small trial aet kept

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cal article on Diseases of the Ear by Dr. Albert H.

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Hospital service public and private hospitals state and

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effect of tlie drug upon the spinal cord. Large doses de