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At the autopsy it was found that the entire colon was
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varying from over a year to two years and nine months
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tissues of the body are in an imperfect and irritating con-
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to keep it so while he applied a plaster-of-Paris splint on
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perature. Genzmer and Volkmann assign as the cause of
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to regard the presence or absence of free hydrochloric
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hopeless lethargy. This board entered upon its work with
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dence in support of the \iew ably advocated by N. C.
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had lost flesh, especially during the last two weeks. On
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ployed when carbonic acid is accumulating in the blood.
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ward. There are observed, moreover, on the inside of
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her respiration and pulse had diminished in frequency and
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originate de nai'o. Cold, damp, and bodily fatigue were
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ritation of the nipple, which extends into the small exit-
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dislike to being watched. She was fully aware of these
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vary but little from the normal, but it is not uncommon
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course, and lasts eight or ten days. Relapses have been
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taken warm in the morning, in the course of fifteen or
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mediately closed by rubber, cork, or cotton stoppers, will
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])hy of several of the toes, wolfs mouth ; a second died
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turned every three months; the first attack was attended
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satisfactorily meets the needs of students and physicians
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a point as far back as possible in order to avoid it, warned