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(three months) and a paresis of both branches of the sev-

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risy, but in the second case, the two pleural surfaces were

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is now represented by a thin speck-like spot which the pa-

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condition. The lesions in the tubes and uterus gave

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respiratory centres. Death results, therefore, from an

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by diminishing body-oxidization, and at the time supplying

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firm contact with the external condyle. His busmess

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sharply cut edges of about the size of the head of a large

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right to add my warning to those of others that have pre-

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lable hemorrhage occurred, and the infant died exhausted

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full of clear serum, but there was none in the right.

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crete tubercles could be found in the adjacent tissues,

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tution within the period named has been furnished with

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To his sorrowing widow and children we would extend

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Clinically, Hodgkin's disease is to be differentiated by the

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other surgeons, some of whom have published their results,

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cases where no disease of internal organs is present.

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angle he dissected with the scissors the mucous membrane

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right lung had but two lobes. The pulmonary pleura was

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by the Council of the College, to whom, also, mvestigators

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character of the murmur to the evenness of the lesions.

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pears a communication from Dr. T. Griswold Comstock,

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disease which claims interest not only from the fact of

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