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fectious diseases were conveyed sometimes long distances
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ciation," or if he practices under the title of "The United
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saigne has found this an extremely minute test. [Annates, vol. 25, p. 224.)
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symptoms of strychnine tetanus began to show themselves, and were
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posts illustrate the controlling power of the ocean. In elucidation of the same
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by the remedies which removed the intestinal disease.
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he doesn't need treatment; that he can quit without any
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tector," and particularly what is known as "fleece-lined"
The next point to which our author directed his attention was whether
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a few seconds, as there is at first mutual repulsion, the combined
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elderly multiparse are connected " with the constitution or ute-
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younff mu8<des of the limbs. Perhaps the same statement may
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off Avitbin a fortnight of its publication. In this edition, the
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soluble in alkaline solutions. The rapidity of absorption of those
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of the quarantines to be imposed, and mentioned Spain in particular as a country
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the following results : — ^Feels generally stronger, not only in the
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cure, which operation was done by M. Jobert on the 7th of August, 1839, in
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known as psycho-analysis and catharsis, and is utilized
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never can be right to describe a strong-minded labouring man as a doctor of
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termed an afl&nity for certain parts or tissues, or in which, so to say,
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and spasmodic asthma, the bromide of potassium has been found by
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"may be stated as follows: — viz., 1, we can make use of it in many conditions
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more particularly of physical lesions in the heart; and the chapter closes with
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words, or rather those of his learned translator. Dr. W. D. Moore,
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desirous of tracing the steps by which certain instruments,
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siderable difference exists amongst the Hindoo classes. The
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Bartholomew's Hospital. It was determined to try again the
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the arteries and veins of a living creature^ constitutes venous
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in the open country, but they are also to be seen in the town : of
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was so excessively dilated as to look like a second bladder. In the same
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adopted at a recent meeting of the East of England Association: —
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Dr. Burrows in this opinion does not allow for the occurrence of haemoptysis
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mal protein (meat), a diet upon which the bacillus does
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In Cases 11 to 14 inclusive, the amount of cerebral congestion
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fications of veins and arteries. He inclines to the opinion of Cruveilhier, that
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But what shall we gain in lei;al medicine by adopting Mr. Taylor's alterna-
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But in the morning, after a night of terror, the tailor
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of this Journal. See Nos. for Feb. 1833, and Nov. 1838.
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respecting the necessity for quarantine, as hitherto carried into effect in regard