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cision, and that most commonly the practitioner has to refer to his own
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nothing of that specific nature which would lead one to pronounce on
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ceive that in the explanation I have given, I have supposed that en-
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affected. He had a similar attack of pain and tenderness in the same
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I at first tried stupes, narcotic liniments, and plasters, with warm
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Why will not the members answer these circulars ? The principal
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plication of the instrument the flowing and pain ceased ; and, when
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a specimen of urine. The blood findings, however, showed no acidosis and
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up to this time the aversion to intoxicating drinks is as strong as
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cians, was forwarded to the Bureau, with the requisite qualifications.
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the cerebellum and spinal cord. They were treated in the same way,
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and have recourse to the oil of turpentine. Here the value of this re-
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lymph existed betvveen the contiguous viscera and the abdominal walls,
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tient with puerperal convulsions have no right to say that there is no
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Shepherd, James S., M.D., Petaluma, Sonoma County, Cal.
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comes a disordered craving, attended with dragging pain in the stomach,
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fractures, and all complaints oc the osseous system.
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when debility forms a considerable obstacle to the further use of direct
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Now, speaking of fairs, refninds me of the very brilliant and suc-
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This destruction is essential, since it facilitates
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afflicted, the contagious character of the fever, was, as I have al-
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Notwithstanding this precaution, his cerebral symptoms had proceeded
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Almighty Power, who has given Toil a Tranfcendent Portion of
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Plant is of a mofi Loathfom Savor or Smell, not much
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and that variety of fever we have described. In both the yellow colour
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years the disease ceased suddenly, without any assignable cause, and
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semen may have found exit at once, and the rest must have exuded
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to supply a very different sort of thing for tlie future. Where every-
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