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Mr. Wakley states, as the result of all the statistical facts he has
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forms, typhoid, Malta, relapsing, filarial fevers, and the exanthemata, there
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Small inlestines moderately distended, and filled with a large quantity
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bronchial membrane. It is unquestionably narcotic. Of this, in my
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has been absolutely normal before it occurs, for what can hardly be denied
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but after that day none bad been discharged. The body was opened in
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patient is agitated by trifling events, such as seeing a stranger, the tremor
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increase in the number of white corpuscles. Histologically it has affinities with
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uncommon to find that there is a well-marked tendency among the
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external causes, and that they have succeeded in manufacturing an inal-
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dark-red color. The vascularity, however, was mostly confined to the
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administering the Balsam of Copaiba without taste or smell.
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is a mistake," said the queen, '^ my physician muat cotncfirsly and after-
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resistant to the attacks of tubercle bacilli, and only when this resistance
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The large size of the left ventricle was obvious to all present, and after the
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son, founded upon a long experience, has led us to employ always a
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in any disease, or even accident, when this state of pulse permanently
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gent. The cough is more constantly attended with mucous rattle; the
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of the practitioners, professors and lecturers on obstetrics, which the
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name of the surgeon. The author of the communication being an en-
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Clinical Features. — The tumour is usually situated on the anterior half
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phalanx in the neighbourhood of the nail — paronychia — which leads second-
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communicable. " Therefore, bovine tuberculosis is a menace to the health of
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green often have pimples on the skin that develop into boils. Others suffer
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The Alimentary Tract. — With the exception of the mouth and rectum,
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saline solution or blood serum. The Jenner Institute supplies the serum in
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swallowed the usual indications produced by corrosives are met with ; the
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capable of being opened by force, and finally the flexors will atrophy, and
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under the following heads, viz., let, causes of cataract ; 2d, origin,
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in endeavouring to nourish the patient from the very beginning of the
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Microscfypical Exaviination. — {a) Of the roots. Section of the roots of the cauda
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treatment consists in preventing the further ingestion of mercury, and in
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giously they are imposed upon by knaves, who build up splendid fortunes
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affected, but the epididymis does not always escape. There is often a loss
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symptoms just detailed may probably be due to this substance. In dye-
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2. Typical erythematous large plaques especially on the forearms.
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consequence of the rent made in bones of the roof of the mouth, h»
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kidney, and of intestinal anomalies. It may be noted that while defects in
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defect in the nature and amount of evidence accumulated, but because
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preme Court. Looking over the geographical boundaries of the State,
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yesterday. The beat had somewhat increased ; the pulse was more
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On Monday last Lord Radnor stated, in the House of Lords, that a
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a result of senescence is not uncommon, and might be divided into fatty