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measles, yellow fever, etc. The mortality varies greatly in different

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the lymphoid cells of the blood, and under the same classification

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quently encountered in Germany in students who indulge in large

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ings is to increase the force of the heart's action, the quantity of

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thyroid gland was limited to the right lobe, and when exophthalmos

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other conditions) is shown by the manifestation of systolic murmurs

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association with pellagrins, these facts seem highly significant for the

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phorus 29.19 per cent., calcium 21.47 per cent., magnesium 16.96 per

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cerebellum, centrum ovale, middle cerebral peduncle, crus cerebri,

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three foci in the dentate nucleus, thirty-eight in the medullary substance, tour-

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The treatment was Fowler's solution from April 2 to April 6.

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in recurrent attack. The mortality in recurrent attack seems to have

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in rate and the appearance of 2 to 1 block shortly after favor the view

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blood in health and disease in a very thorough manner. In chlorosis

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excretion of salt and water is affected in a different manner. Both of

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made. In the swollen stage of the disease there is probably an in-

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white men had eighty recurrences and twenty-seven escapes, the latter

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by undulation directly to the ventricles. The continuation of this un-

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occurs iu these cases and which may persist even during the course

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tion exceeds 200 mg. From clinical observations, therefore, one would

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softening. " " The syphilitic origin of the disease does not influence the