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screening criteria will be listed periodically. The review

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Under the bill introduced by Dr. Carter, ranking COP

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istered once per day. However, further long-term studies

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products of intestinal putrefactive processes by a course of antisepsis; to

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attacks of stomatitis but did seem to check its spread, thus

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B., D. Sc, LL. D., F .R. C. S., F. R. S., Hon. Surgeon in Ordinary

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Mrs. C. W., aged 21 years, American by birth, married eleven months.

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guiding the athlete and prescribing for him, it is hoped we

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tween physician and patient should not be considered a negligeable

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Attacks of mania, and a greater degree of malaise following the fits,

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and the number which was attributable to other causes. These

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their blood pressure stabilized. The drug was adminis-

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Vulpian, M., and M. Philippaux, union of nerves of sen-

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L. Jelks, Memphis ; Louis J. Hirschman, Detroit ; J. Rawson Pennington,

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syphilis. No definite history of congenital lues in any of these

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taining Holadin 0.20 Gm. (3 grains), Sodium Succinate Exsiccated 0.20

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annually by the speaker. It shall consist of at least five

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use of the patent and trademark law has brought about.

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makes the management of posterior positions easy, since it transforms an

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in all directories of physicians in order that the laity as well as the

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Gentlemen — I wish it to be known that I am opposed to physicians

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It seemed to make little difference to him whether or not

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State Liability Board: William S. Reed, Hamilton; J. W. Mc-

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WAVERLY, N.Y., Tioga County needs a Family Physician. Contact

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sis has been established. However, its value in cytodiagnosis is

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33. Stegink, D.: Development of a crystalline amino acid