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Professor AV. T. Lusk. Patient had been in labor five
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the Insane, Ward's Island, writes : " In a recent issue of
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was felt to free itself \vith a jerk, and its point could be
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coming more watery and less purulent ; in six it was no
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on "Notes of Clinical Importance in the Physiological
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has taught me that, in the treatment of pruritus occurring
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the oil of black mustard for a month past, and has had
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mind is on the confines of two worlds — there arise sub-
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cervix uteri of a small plait of spun glass. This is left in
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period of physiological activity. These latter products
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is frequently complicated sooner or later by contagion.
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pansion of blood-vessels, from joy or anger ; and a failure
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that a patient can stand in a day. Alcohol, fresh air, and
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corns, warts, and other epidermal growths : After moisten-
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ment. In the fulminating cases — cold, cyanotic, pulseless,
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statute to nominate, to the governors of the State and
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culated that, on the average, each man who attains the
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occipital point (Fig. 2, s to o). It averages 17.7 ctm. on the
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speaker was not one of the class to which I have alluded.
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scientific value. For ten years Professor von Hippel had
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mendable care the doctor saw that the patient actually
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The term puerperal fever is too extensive for accuracy,
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fell. It is highest in the evening, coming down 1-4^