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_ Dr. Birdsall added that in some cases the pain, the
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The general form of the needle-holder is such that it is
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to change, either for better or worse, than cavities in the
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material, which was of the consistency of a thick gruel.
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resented by these two diagrams, and adds one of his own,
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loric phenylhydrazine and three of sodium acetate are
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right eye with oyster-shell. He had central corneal ulcer,
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gum and gluten breads, which latter are always more or
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It will be seen that the diseases which cause excess of
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the throat. On November 14th he lost a large amount of
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amount of failure of sight and then remain stationary,
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year before his death, and only four years ago, stated before
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trary, always binocular. That which presents itself after
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meconium, sebaceous matters, etc., get into the air-pas-
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aminations of the blood in cases of anthrax. This expla-
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enough to prevent sleep. The last attack ended three
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