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misleading, as they may fail to show the presence of pus.
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1825, graduated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons
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lobe of the thyroid gland was observed, which, however,
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E. D. Morgan appointed him Surgeon-General of the State
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day, each attack lasting three days. After two years the
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the last mentioned being, as shown by experiment, a
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some of them seemed as large as the little finger, and a
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whatever. Thinking that he had to do with a dyscrasic
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' Presented to the New York Pathological Society, December 1.1,
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All these are referred to in order to show the num-
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during the interim, with a noticeable thickening and efface-
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are certainly in as gi'eat need of education as any others ;
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plete. We must now ascertain the power of the internal
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alluded to the age and position of villous papilloma as
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Chemical Galvano-cauterizations." The translator is Dr.
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present, notwithstanding the absence of albumen from the
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December 28th. — No changes, patient up and about.
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medical man has many important functions to perform in
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anyone in possession of the required apparatus being able
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as one of the minor elements in producing the rise in
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six years of age, who for two years had presented the gen-
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latter kind of cases, namely, beginning as hypertrophy, but