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teric and pulmonary lymph glands, lungs, pleura, endocardium, spleen

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Liquid, 0.03 mg. per 4 cc., in bottles of 4 and 16 oz.

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and Taney counties to be known as the Ozarks County

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trichina-free products. No other meats are allowed in this cellar, which is securely

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such as have been described by Heiberg and Weichselbaum, the hypotii-

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and Natrona, and west of the western boundary lines of the counties of Natrona and

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Coffey, William H., M.D., Parkville, a graduate of the

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of Shakespeare: “. . . His life was gentle; and the

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bers, and occasionally beaded rods were to be found. (See PL XVII,

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fully passed the tuberculin test. Whenever additional animals were

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first is due to poor selection of the case for this type

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This case is furthermore of interest as it adds an illustration of com-

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personal measurements . . . and in exact accordance with

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sider the economics in the operation of any hospital

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of the inner ends of the hanistrinsr muscles .\s the stimulus is increased

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a slow one, and will turn many more furrows in a day. Action at

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Case 11. B. G. S., aged 23, reported to the clinic with

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the Midwestern Center, St. Louis, may do so and be paid

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gauze and cotton. The filtrate injected intravenously into another ani-

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disease. Very elaborate measures have been taken in some countries

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however, that on the lawn there was a sand-box, about 8x8 feet, which

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The other organs only show chronic passive congestion.

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for immediate slaughter, to any point located outside of the modified quarantined area,

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20. Shaffer, L. W. : Am. J. Syph., Gonor. & Ven. Dis. 31:221,

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layer of newly formed subperiosteal bone (Fig. 2) 215