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throughout the body contains it. This constitutes the morbid condition

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the age is greater. The affection is undoubtedly in some cases favorably

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as different varieties of one disease. Physicians did not undertake, until

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as recommended above, in connection with palliative measures of treat-

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the utmost importance to the welfare of mankind, but which do not pro-

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prices, is about ten thousand two hundred and forty dollars

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and requires only the addition of water to produce an article superior iia digestibility and

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face circumscribed ; same prescription, except hyd. c. creta and syr.

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or transverse portion of the arch may press upon the superior vena cava

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through the coronary arteries, which is incident to free aortic regurgita-

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« omnes animi nenros intendisse, nt siqtio modo fieri possit, morbo-

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The characters of bronchophony are gradually lost. Dulness on percus-

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from making an opening to discharge the contents of the abscess

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I have given DIOVIBURNIA. a fair trial and found it

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as of acute pleuritis. It may be produced traumaticall}^ It may some-

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small pieces of ice. Perfect quietude is important. He should not be per-

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had for many years been subject to epilepsy, sitting one day by a

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The production of smallpox and measles when prevailing

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of the board about an inch. If the pasteboard be very thick

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nent, but I have repeatedly known it to disappear after recover}^ from

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was gradually augmented, embracing the crania of the lower ani*

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the sulphate of morphia, a quantity equivalent to 106 grains of opium;

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murmur. It is an intra-ventricular murmur, or it ma}' be called a mitral

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-and strychnine, and in its alterative qualities with arsenic.

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Early in 1843, Dr. Grant suffered from a severe attack of in-

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relates to the development of organized tissue, and the productiou of

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Poisons and Antidotes, Artificial Respiration, and a variety of other contents of immediate value in every day

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ence of pneumonitis. Increased frequency of the respirations and dilatation

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and Soda with Glycerine, which are most desirable adjuncts.

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patients suffer from a diurnal recurrence, and it is remarked by Salter that

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The principles upon which this discovery is based have been described in a treatise on " The Digestion and

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might obtain by his success in practice ; and satisfying himself,