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Canal zone in 190-4. Numerous minor outbreaks have occurred over widely
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typhoid bacilli gain entrance to the body through a perfectly sound mucous
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wife, both the subjects of pneumonia, have been described by Kelynack, and
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establish sanitary wash-houses and disinfecting stations to which the infected
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The crisis is sometimes immediately preceded by an increase of the pjTcxia
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generally followed by death. Spots of ecchymosis appearing as minute
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antitoxin in the body of animals injected with increasing quantities of
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of a chief medical examiner in each district to secure the
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skin in scarlet fever, as shown in the report, is one which is obtaining an
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at the end of twenty-four to forty-eight hours and had no subsequent trouble,
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resultant of forces which, in these generations, have
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and even producing albuminuria at will by repeating the ex-
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when the child does not get any fresh air, the paroxysms continue much
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been insane for seven years previously. At the time of her
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infectious disease. It is but rarely that cases suitable for this determination
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Localization in the territory of the general circulation may result also from
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and attempt to separate this from renal albuminuria, the case
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complicated by empyema rarely terminates by crisis. - Sello found only 1
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of proper nomenclature these various names may be reviewed; Microbe de
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especially in the centre, the coat turns to a dirty blackish-brown color. The
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marked in young children. In adults it is not so great, because the thoracic
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Decomposing albuminous matter in any of the tissues, such
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ought to agree upon some uniform mode of action, which will
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For it is not reasonable to suppose that any man can intuit
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other in the lobule among the liver cells. The former consists of an increase
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Tertiary Buboes. — These receive infection from the blood, and occur in
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diaphoretics, and laxatives. They each have a place in therapeutics of
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the foregoing conditions are present. There are four special
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with a 2 per cent, crude carbolic acid or creolin, or 1-1000
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be regulated and should be light and easily digestible in cases with gastro-
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may follow an operation under local anaesthesia. Just how much the
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frequent, but very voluminous; mucus and blood are closely mixed with
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unnecessary constriction of the head by a tight hat.
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much more resistance. Again there is considerable difference in different
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toms peculiar to the toxin of the infecting organism. These special symp-